The Nā‘āehu Theatre is a Hawai‘i-based 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1995, which has a keen interest in Hawai‘i’s cultural, theatrical, and historical past and a strong commitment to the preservation and conservation of these resources.

Through alliances with government, education, business, non-profits and community members, NT provides intergenerational entertainment and educational programs, aimed particularly at local youth in rural areas, who are at-risk for drug abuse and economic disadvantages.

Programs include community mural projects, in and after-school music instruction, performance opportunities, high-tech theatre arts programs in photography, video and editing, graphic design, and web-based outreach, promotions and fundraising.

Our Philosophy

We believe that Hawai‘i’s communities need more resourceful approaches to social change and cultural preservation, so we take risks on new ideas and methods, and partner across sectors with people and organizations that share our enthusiasm for engaging youth through music. We don’t limit ourselves, but instead let a set of core values drive all our ventures.

Collaborate and Learn

Collaborating across sectors enhances expertise and promotes solutions on which we can build. We explore a wide range of opportunities and ideas to address our challenges. We share our expertise and experience openly to accelerate collective learning and progress. We believe that trying and testing assumptions about what works, evaluating the results, and building a culture of sharing are key to positive change.

Work Smart, Have Fun, Be Humble

Working smart means acting with urgency, being open to change and embracing challenges as the greatest learning moment. We insist on having fun by bringing passion and joy to our work. We remain ever humble, knowing greatness comes from the combination of many people’s efforts.