Partners are critical to our success in providing quality Hawaiian culture-based music mentorships for youth in our communities. Whether through a grant, strategic alliance, sponsorship or other initiative, we work together to help scale our impact, while meeting our shared goals.

A partnership with Nā‘ālehu Theatre will blend your organization’s goals with our programmatic objectives. As part of our collaboration, we will look for a variety of ways to demonstrate your values and social responsibility to stakeholders. In fact, companies that commit to philanthropy enjoy higher employee morale, a stronger public image, and stronger customer loyalty. Institutional support is critical to our success, so we help our partners across the globe reach business objectives, while supporting the Naalehu Theatre’s mission.

Nā‘ālehu Theatre partners with Statewide Pubic Charter Schools to provide one-time and on-going music education and performance opportunities that would otherwise not exist. Expansion of these programs is only limited by funding and other resources available for their support.

We partner with foundations by developing opportunities for shared learning and investments that meet each foundation’s priorities and contribute to the Nā‘ālehu Theatre in a meaningful way.

We also partner with corporate sponsors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses at our events and festivals for promotions and in-kind-donations that help to offset a variety of expenses associated with our programs such as musical instruments and equipment.

Partner Benefits

Nā‘ālehu Theatre acknowledges your company’s investments in ways that best fit your interests and strategic goals. Acknowledgements vary depending on level support and your company’s interests. Benefits include:

  • Regular reporting on the impact of our partnership
  • Photos, videos, and stories connecting your employees and customers to our work
  • Recognition of your organization on social media, our website, and at global fundraising events
  • Support of your public relations efforts
  • Invitations to see our work in action
  • Access to Nā‘ālehu Theatre Leadership


Our Hawaiian Music Masters’ Program is supported through visitor industry and other donations, small to medium-sized grants, fundraising activities, and generously donated time and resources from Hawai‘i’s music industry community and musician volunteers.